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Kick Start Your New Year in Good Shape in Grande Prairie

posted by: Paradise Inn and Suites Grande Prairie on: December 29, 2014 11:48:23 PM


After the last pine needles have fallen, the carol choruses have faded, and the stockings unhung from the chimney with care, there is one (however unwelcome) carryover into the New Year from Christmas: our burgeoning waistlines. Why not meet and beat the bulge this year with the resolve to set new patterns, drawing inspiration from these fitness themed events in G. Prairie? These activities are a perfect complement to one another, offering balanced options for those ready to partake and jump right on the BOSU ball, and those wanting to cheer on and observe as the first step in implementing healthy practices in their lives.

Grande Prairie Winter White-out, Jan. 25th

As if the demands of a summer triathlon weren’t strenuous enough, Alberta has decided to up the ante and add the opponent of the elements this year at the first ever Grande Prairie Winter Triathlon. While many of us are content to curl up by the fire and meet winter in submission, a tenacious group in varying age groups will combat it head on in full or half-length courses. Commencing at 10am at South Bear Creek, the three legs of the race (a 5KM snowshoe, a 10KM skate, followed by a 10KM ski) will guide the competitors through the most picturesque spots of our great city. This event is not strictly for the athletically inclined extremists however, anyone can set up shop along any of the course’s pathways, and cheer on the racers as they pass. Just don’t forget to pack a thermos of hot cocoa!

Move it & Lose it 2015, Jan.12th - March20th

We all know the drill, so much so that we resign ourselves to it: turning the fresh page of a new year, we all  over zealously wish to fill it with lofty goals of early morning workouts, wheatgrass shots, and cutting carbs. Though more often than not, regiment gives way to routine, typically because we don’t reinforce our fitness pursuits with adequate knowledge that is conducive to long-term sustainability. This two month workshop at the Eastlink Center does just that, and will substantiate fitness from popular misconception. Held Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays during this time frame, a group of industry professionals will take you through ability-specific workouts, offering education through emails, body assessments and seminars, and rewarding the most improved participants of each gender with a $1000 prize. Come and create the best version of yourself.

At the Paradise Inn Grande Prairie, we understand that as all the merriment surrounding Christmas can get a bit taxing, and that gearing down from the holidays is as essential as gearing up. With your comfort being of the utmost importance to us, book with us today to decompress from the stress of the holidays.

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